About Jakobsbergsgatan 24

Jakobsbergsgatan 24 is at the heart of the dynamic MOOD District – a beautiful office property dating back to the turn of the century that we are now transforming into one of Stockholm City’s most attractive office buildings.

We’re building a new phase of a cultural heritage

Redevelopment of Jakobsbergsgatan 24 has been underway since 2023. AMF Fastigheter will regenerate the building into a modern, sustainable and flexible office space, adapted to meet current needs and shaping future office trends.

The development will focus on building for the future, rather than tearing down history. Our goal is to preserve a building of historical interest, while ensuring that the interior becomes a modern and sustainable workplace for many future generations. To achieve this, we place this historic building centre stage. The development of this modern and flexible property, with areas for socialising, idea exchange and networking, is now underway.

An historic address

Jakobsbergsgatan 24 is located in the MOOD District and consists of three different buildings, which over the years, have been linked together into a large office property with a shared entrance at the heart of Stockholm city.

The historic building, Televerkets hus, was built in 1910 to 1912 for Sweden’s Royal Telegraph Office according to drawings by architect Aron Johansson. The building has been protected since 1993 as a state building monument, and has been protected by the City Museum in Stockholm which is deemed to be of special cultural and historical interest.

Quick facts

  • Built 1905 to 1912. Extended 2002.
  • Includes the area between Regeringsgatan, Jakobsbergsgatan and Lästmakargatan.
  • A mix of work spaces, meeting places and retail.
  • Approximately 13,500 sqm of technologically advanced and flexible office space.
  • 1,500 sqm conference facilities and meeting spaces.
  • One property, 3 buildings, 2 courtyards and 3 streets.





A comment from the architect

This is a really exciting project. The building has incredible potential and it’s fantastic to lift that potential. The spatiality is so good, and the building is so fundamentally beautiful, so it’s a pleasure to develop. I’ve really longed for a project like this – a real dream assignment for an architect!

Jana Becker, Equator