Sustainability in focus

Sustainability has been our primary focus for the development of our offices at Jakobsbergsgatan 24. Our goal has been to preserve the buildings’ cultural heritage, while ensuring that the interior will be modern and sustainable for future generations. What we do now must last three decades – at least!

We build – not tear down

How do you build a sustainable office? The obvious answer: by building (or rebuilding), as little as possible. That’s why we start with buildings in their current condition and focus on building for the future – rather than tearing down history.

We avoid the typical major construction processes, ensuring that as little as possible is torn down and thrown away. Our goal is to create state-of-the-art office buildings that can be flexible and evolve as the needs of our tenants evolve, without constantly having to rebuild.

Early climate calculations

We started to calculate the climate impacts of the project in a preliminary study. By reconsidering old truths and calculating our climate impact at an early stage, we have been able to make decisions and continuously make adjustments that reduce our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to minimise carbon dioxide emissions in the construction phase and continuing to do so for the next 30 years.

With modern technologies and sustainable solutions, we minimise energy usage and make offices intelligent and adaptable for current and future generations!

Flexible installations

Our vision is that all installations and material choices we make at Jakobsbergsgatan 24 should last for 30 years, without compromise. Therefore, all installations are made to be flexible to allow for minimal adaptations. When new tenants move in, nothing should have to be torn up and thrown away.

“The fewer measures that are taken during the adaptation of a property, the smaller the climate impact is. So, our ambition is to make as few changes to the property as possible, now and in the future. Right from the outset, we asked ourselves: how can we convert Jakobsbergsgatan 24 into a state-of-the-art office building without having to rebuild and make any major interventions in the property? What is possible, with as few interventions as possible? We started from the property’s existing condition and potential. It had fantastic potential with room solutions and a soul that few modern buildings offer.”

Tove Törneman, Project Director

Timeless materials and reuse

In order to be sustainable for the long-term, we have deliberately chosen to reject temporary trends. For our interiors, we focus on classic quality, timeless colours and material choices, preserved wooden floors, stone and wood details, removable walls and durable surface layers.

We also select building materials with low climate footprints, and we adopt progressive approaches in terms of recycling, wherever possible.

Climate portal for all tenants

In addition to climate-smart physical solutions in the property, our tenants at Jakobbergsgatan 24 will have the opportunity to monitor and influence their own environmental impact.

Using our Klimatportalen tool, tenants can report and monitor their environmental impact from the premises they rent and easily keep track of their water and energy use.

Our sustainability work

AMF Fastigheter is a long-term real estate owner and urban developer focused on sustainability. We want to contribute to the development of Stockholm and in such a way that places the least possible burden on the climate and the environment.

We believe it is important to develop ideas for office space and shopping locations in a wider context. Our ambition is to participate in revitalising Stockholm City and create places where people want to be. Sustainable urban spaces with offices, shops, streets and walks that create identity, inspiration and success. This requires visions and close co-operation with the City of Stockholm and other property owners.


As one of Sweden’s largest property owners, we have a responsibility to think long-term when we develop our properties. In our major construction and development projects, we work with sustainability on several levels, including:

  • Focus on efficient energy use.
  • Work actively to calculate and minimise the total CO2 impact of the project with conscious and intelligent decisions on construction initiatives, installations, material choices and reuse.
  • Climate-neutral district heating and cooling and the exclusive use of green electricity.
  • Environmental certifications.